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Title: Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine

Author: David Annandale

Publisher: The Black Library

Date of Publication: April 2017

Approximate Pages: 272

Review by: Rob

“The mighty Warlord Titans of the Adeptus Titanicus go to war against the forces of Chaos.

The Battle Titans of the Adeptus Titanicus are towering war engines, striding to war as holy effigies of the Omnissiah, and the mighty Warlord Titans are the most renowned among all the forces of the Imperium of Man. Their weapons bring righteous death to the alien and the heretic alike, and the merest glimpse of them on the march has stalled entire planetary rebellions. But as the galaxy burns before the rampaging hordes of Chaos, it will take more than any one single Titan Legion to hold the line…”

It seems David Annandale is unstoppable right now, just belting out great stories left and right. I hear often that people don’t enjoy his style of writing, they find his books boring and other such nonsense. This is one of the best authors in the current Black Library line-up, he handles human and transhuman players alike perfectly, has an understanding of Chaos that few writers can manage and a horror element to his prose that just matches the Warhammer grim dark.

Now it would seem he has turned his hand at crafting some remarkably conceived and brilliant loyalist Imperial characters. As well as he wrote the insidious nature of Chaos in other novels, is as well as he portrays the righteous, just, and zealous. Amazing work, to say the least. The book is full of legendary, epic moments, featuring massive Tyranid Heirophants and Warlords going head to head, reminiscent of the great Kaiju monster flicks. There are scenes involving traitor Legios and brutal street fights, and a mad veteran priest who rallies defenders to the cause of saving their world.

The Pallidus Mor demi-legion are some heroic bastards, pushing themselves and their machines to the very limit time and time again. The princeps Krezoc also happens to be the single most bad ass lady to storm the battlefields of the 41st millenium. I cannot say enough good things about it without soiling far too much, suffice to say that I enjoyed this book even more so than the incredible “Titanicus” by Dan Abnett. It is no easy feat to knock that tome down a peg, but its the truth. This book flew by, I loved every moment of it, and highly recommend it.