Title: Hammer & Anvil

Author: James Swallow

Publisher: The Black Library

Date of Publication: November, 2011

Approximate Pages: 416

Review by: Rob

Finished up “Hammer and Anvil” last night. Being the second book in a solid duology by James Swallow, its one of the few series to feature the Sororitas, and that’s a shame as they are fantastic in battle and strong in faith, entertaining and fresh. There are some memorable characters, Sisters Repentia and Militant are featured as well as much of their doctrine and rhetoric.

Just a fun read. The second book also has a significant portion of the story told from Necron perspective. This is a new one on me and much appreciated. A very different dynamic is brought to the fore when everything is seen through the soulless robot minds. By far the best I’ve ever seen the Necrontyr portrayed, scary and nigh unstoppable but this time, with a face and a background to them.

Excellent stuff. 4 out of 5, both books are worth a read. Some really great fights and good dialogue. Haven’t listened to the audio, “Red and Black” but I’ve heard its worthy. Soon to be released all together in omnibus format.


Anthony’s take: I absolutely love Swallow’s Sisters of Battle duology as well. My review on Hammer & Anvil can be found here.

In other news, according to the Amazon page, the omni will in fact contain the prose version of Red & Black, as well as a new short story called Heart & Soul. Check it out on Amazon.